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Dr Akaggy.png Test Drive
Side Quest

Getting Started

Questgiver: Dr. Akaggy
  • Talk to Dr. Akaggy to enter the test course
  • Complete the mech test course
  • Return to Dr. Akaggy at the Outpost

Turn In: Dr. Akaggy

Mech vehicle

Pixels-Sell.png 100
Become Space-worthy
Parts and Labour

Test Drive is a quest which is available to players after repairing their ship and completing the quest Become Space-worthy. It's given by a small Penguin scientist at the Outpost, Dr. Akaggy.

After it's completed players will receive a mech vehicle made up of modular components, and can access the quest Parts and Labour, also from Dr. Akaggy.

Quest Text

Dr Akaggy.png

Dr Akaggy

Quest Text

"Hey there, friendo! I'm Dr. Akaggy, and I deal in robots! So I have this experimental modular space mech in need of a test drive and my usual pilots are... Indisposed. Could you do me a favor and fly it through my test course?

Just talk to me when you're ready to go!"

Completion Text

"You made it back! That's not surprise in my voice, it's elation! As a reward, I can give you enough spare mech components for you to deploy your own mech for space travel! Head over to that mech assembly station to customise it!"



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest mechunlock
File Name mechunlock.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost