Cryonic Extract

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Cryonic Extract
Crafting Material
Cryonic Extract.png

An icy organic chemical. Can be used for crafting.

Cryonic Extract is a crafting material that has a chance to drop from a Narfin [20%], Pulpin [20%], Skimbus [10%], or Wisper [10%].

It can also be harvested from Ice Fluffalo, which can be bought from the Terramart.

Ingredient for

Adaptable Crossbow Icon.png Adaptable Crossbow 10
Burn Resistance Spray Icon.png Burn Resistance Spray 1
Full-Size Fridge Icon.png Full-Size Fridge 1
Cooling EPP Upgrade Icon.png Cooling EPP Upgrade 1
Frozen Boomerang Icon.png Frozen Boomerang 15
Perfectly Generic Item Icon.png Perfectly Generic Item 1
Dark Terraformer Icon.png Dark Terraformer 50
Snowy Terraformer Icon.png Snowy Terraformer 50
Icy Terraformer Icon.png Icy Terraformer 50



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem cryonicextract
File Name cryonicextract.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting\monsterdrops