Going after the Occasus

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Captain Noble Quest Portrait.png Going after the Occasus
Side Quest
Questgiver: Captain Noble

Enter the new peacekeeper station and interact with the Bounty Board

Turn In: Bounty Board
Keeping the Peace

Going after the Occasus is the final story quest in the Peacekeeper side-questline.

The quest is given after finishing the Opening the Ark quest and after players have turned in enough bounties to "rank up" at the Bounty Board in their tier 5 station.

Quest Text

Captain Noble Sprite.png

Captain Noble

Quest Text

"Geez louise. We've received an assignment to take out this Occasus Cult. They seem like some real bad apples, partner! I hope you're up for this. We've set up a headquarters in the area where they operate."

Completion Text

"Welcome to your new peacekeeper station."




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Quest Complete Command /completequest
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