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Furious Koala was a content update released on January 26th, 2014. It was deployed about a month and a half after the game's initial beta launch and about a month after the previous patch, Angry Koala. The update was primarily to implement serialization changes which would allow development updates without requiring players to restart their characters. Unfortunately, these changes required another character wipe.

This update was the last one that forced players to restart their characters.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after release.[1]


Hey there Stargazers and Sports Racers, it’s been quite some time since the last patch, and we have some very large changes dropping this release.

Code Changes

  • Absolutely massive changes to disk serialization (sorry reversers), which will allow us to never need to wipe players or ships again, and hopefully never need to wipe worlds again.
  • Related, we now have a proper versioning system for save files.
  • Added difficulty levels and permadeath characters to the game.
  • Packed assets into databases (speeds up startup significantly), and included asset packing and unpacking utilities with the distribution.
  • This should also allow for easier distribution of mods, and easier construction and management of slimmed down distributions for dedicated servers (official server paks coming soon.)
  • Fix some graphical glitches with the wire nodes.
  • Fixed some pretty nasty deadlocking bugs with networking.
  • Fixed some very strange memory leak bugs stemming from a gcc lambda capture bug.
  • Fixed various crash bugs related to a number of different issues (more specifics listed in “Info About the Upcoming Patch“– thanks for the bug reports, keep em coming)
  • Speed up improvements with falling sand and other projectiles.
  • More efficient databases storage layout.
  • Documentation for lua functions have been written, and we’re going to release them soonish.
  • Removed NaN floats from the code for performance reasons (reenabled -ffinite-math-only), we had been using them to signal that the float is disabled or in an invalid state, but we have a system for that now.
  • Some internal changes that make maintaining code much happier for us, including better enum to string handling and much faster compiles.
  • Other minor things, too numerous to list here (see “Info About the Upcoming Patch“).

Fun Changes

Undocumented Micro-update

Shortly after the stable release there was a very small content patch which added the following;


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