Eye Guard

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Eye Guard
Unique NPC
Unique Drops Terrifying Wings
Eye Guard is a hostile NPC found in Eyepatch mini biomes on Alien planets.

They are usually accompanied by buildings made of heavy stone brick. The buildings themselves are Glitch in origin, complete with furniture and Glitch codexes, and are usually in grave disrepair.

Eye Guards wear the Terrifying Eye Hat, Terrifying Wings, Owl Breastplate and Owl Skirt, and their primary and only means of combat is their Eye Sword. This amplifies the amount of damage they deal as a result, compared to the average hostile NPC.


  • Aggressive. I SEE YOU AGAIN!
  • Observant. Our foe returns!
  • Intimidating. You have returned face your doom!
  • Hostile. Witness your defeat this time!
  • Angry. I have seen our target again!
  • Aggressive. I SEE YOU!
  • Observant. A pitiful traveller approaches!
  • Intimidating. You cannot escape my gaze!
  • Hostile. Your story ends here, traveller!
  • Malevolent. None escape the All-Seeing Crusaders!
  • Hostile. Witness your doom!
  • Malevolent. Embrace the blinding darkness!
  • Angry. I have SEEN our new target!
  • Enraged. What wretch passes through our territory?!
  • Furious. This land belongs to the All-Seeing Crusaders!
  • Hostile. Abandon all hope, those who wish to face us!
  • Aggressive. You shall regret stepping on our territory!
  • Satisfied. The All-Seeing Crusaders succeed once more!
  • Unsatisfied. We must continue our crusade!
  • Pleased. Another victory, but more shall come!
  • Enraged. I demand a more worthy opponent!
  • Displeased. I could have ended that sooner.
  • Enraged. How did they escape the eternal gaze?!
  • Surprised. Have they averted my gaze?!
  • Angry. Our foe has left, but they will surely return!
  • Shocked. Have they left my sight?
  • Frustrated. Our foe is a coward!
  • Angry. Our foe is a coward, who does not face me directly!
  • Enraged. Come closer, fiend!
  • Angry. Strike the fiend down!
  • Supportive. The All-Seeing Crusaders will surely bring victory!
  • Supportive. I wish to witness our foe's destruction!


  • One of the lines of dialogue from the Eye Guards is a quote from Hellraiser.
  • Eye Guards, when unmasked, reveal that the model under all the clothing is Glitch in origin.
  • These Guards are alluded to briefly in The Bone Dragon (codex) as "strange, winged demons sighted on distant planets."
  • The line of dialogue, "Something wicked this way comes..." is also a quote from a witch in the Shakespeare play, Tragedy of Macbeth.