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Wire Mode
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Built to place optical wires between input points. Quick select with [T] key.

For more information, see the article about wiring.

Wire Mode is a matter manipulator mode that enables wiring, which allows the player to connect points to toggle actions triggered by movement or power input.

While Wire Mode is active, input ports (blue circles), output ports (red circles) and connecting wires lying outside of tile-protected zones become visible and can be manipulated. To connect an output port to an input port, left-click on one port, then left-click on the other port to create a wire between the two ports. Right-clicking while in Wire Mode will remove wires near the cursor.

Wire Mode provides no benefit inside of tile-protected zones - ports and wires are invisible and cannot be manipulated until tile protection is disabled (in normal gameplay, Hylotl Underwater Cities are the only tile-protected zones which can have their tile protection disabled - this is done by finding and disabling the shield generator).

Wire Mode resides in a permanent quickslot under the hotbar. It can be quick selected with the [T] key. It's unlocked at Matter Manipulator upgrade window, as the third expansion slot selection after liquid collection and paint mode, both of which must be unlocked before Wire Mode becomes available to unlock.

It requires 3 Manipulator Modules to unlock.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem wiretool
File Name wiretool.wiretool
File Path assets\items\tools
Wiring Station
AlarmAND SwitchBig Red ButtonBulbCountdown TimerDelay GateDefense TurretDrainLatchLight Sensor
Liquid SensorNOT SwitchOR SwitchPersistent SwitchProximity ScannerPressure PlateSmall Floor ButtonSmall Wall ButtonSmall Wall SwitchTimer (0.5 Sec)
Tiny Wall ButtonTiny Wall SwitchWire ModeXOR Switch