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Tools are items that primarily have a non-combat purpose, such as harvesting materials, mining, or painting. Tools are required to dismantle blocks and objects into their portable form. Some types of blocks require specialized tools. For example, tilling soil to farmland can only be done with a hoe. Acquiring these specialized tools is key to progression, as the player will encounter blocks they cannot move, places they cannot dig, and objects they cannot dismantle until acquiring a specific tool.

Each player starts off with a multi-tool called the Matter Manipulator designed for placing and breaking blocks. The Matter Manipulator can later be upgraded to increase its range and mining speed, and give it the ability to move liquids and more. The manipulator and its upgrades take up permanent hotbar slots, and do not occupy inventory space. This is the most important tool players will have throughout the game.

Pickaxes and drills are alternate mining tools that break after a certain number of uses.

  • Pickaxes mine blocks in a 3x3 square 10 times per 3 seconds and break after 200 swings, which is about 1 minute of continuous use.
  • Drills mine blocks in a 2x2 square 10 times per second and break after 1000 ticks of damage, which is about 1 minute and 40 seconds of continuous use.

Damage dealt per hit depends only on the material composition of the tool. Copper, silver, gold, platinum and diamond tools deal, respectively, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 damage per hit.

Not all tools are for resource gathering. Some provide other functions, such as illumination (flashlights), greater freedom of movement (Grappling Hooks), some even allow for the capturing of monsters for use as pets/guardians (Capture Pods).

Some tools, including some pickaxes, drills and flashlights, can generate as treasure (see Tool (treasure) for details). Other tools must be crafted or acquired via other means.

Tool Types

Matter Manipulator Upgrades
Lighting Movement Farming
Fossil Brushes
Special Tools