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Paint Mode
Paint Mode.png

Primary fire applies paint, secondary changes colour. Quick select with [Y] key.

Paint Mode is a matter manipulator mode that allows the player to paint most blocks.

The right mouse button toggles paint color, while the left mouse button applies the paint. Available colors are: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Black, White and None.

The paint tool resides in a permanent quick slot bar under the hotbar. It can be quick selected with [Y] key. It's unlocked in the Matter Manipulator upgrade window, under expansion slots to the left of liquid collection, which must be unlocked before Paint Mode becomes available to unlock.

It costs 3 Manipulator Modules to activate in the upgrade window. Paint Mode must be unlocked before Wire Mode becomes available to unlock.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem painttool
File Name painttool.painttool
File Path assets\items\tools