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Painting example
Colorization is the process of changing the color of objects in Starbound. This can be done by using tools, such as paint mode. Blocks and armors both have the ability to be recolored.


An example of the difference of dyed items(The one at the left is the original version)

Dyeing is the process of recoloring armor or clothing in Starbound with different dyes, which are crafted at the Spinning Wheel or Sewing Machine with an Empty Bottle and various materials.

To apply dye, grab it with left-click and then right-clicking the piece of armor or clothing with the dye still in the cursor. Dye can be removed with Dye Remover (applied in the same way). Note that clothing/armor with the same base color as the dye will not use it up when right-clicked. There are also different clothing/armor that have their own color base and can use all dye variations.

Currently there is no way to dye furniture in-game without the help of mods.


Painting is accessible in Paint Mode and is a Matter Manipulator upgrade. With this mode you are able to recolor most block types. To use paint mode first install the mode and then simply click on it in the second slot in the middle of the toolbar or use the hotkey (default Y). Each right click will cycle through colors in the order of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, black, white, and lastly a color remover that will bring a block to its original color. To paint blocks one by one simply hold the shift key while in paint mode.