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Rail Hook
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Ride the rails!

Rail Hook is a rail riding item crafted from durasteel bars. When used and can grab a rusty or composite rail it will run the player along the rail and interact with other rail objects.

This tool can only be activated in mid-air; once activated, it is held above the player until a) the tool's button is released or b) the player hits solid blocks (or platforms from above). While active, the Rail Hook will automatically hook on to the first rail it contacts; while hooked onto a rail, the tool can be deactivated by using the tool again.

The Rail Hook, unlike the Rusty Rail Platform and the Composite Rail Platform, is not a motorized means of riding along rails. Additionally, the player is still affected by gravity while riding rails using a Rail Hook, though it is 20% less potent than usual.

Unlike with rail platforms, the Rail Hook's traversal speed is limited only by the rails themselves: Rusty Rails have a speed limit of 30 tiles per second while all other rideable rail pieces have a speed limit of 60 tiles per second. Also, the player is slowed down by rail friction while moving along rails with a Rail Hook: Composite Rails and most special rail nodes have a friction factor of 1.0, Rusty Rails have a friction factor of 4.0, and Rail Bumpers have a friction factor of 10.0.

The Rail Hook only requires one hand to wield, so it can be used simultaneously with another one-handed item.

It effectively replaces the Skyrail Rider Tech, allowing players to ride in much the same manner.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem railhook
File Name railhook.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\unsorted\railhook