Sheriff's Slacks

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Sheriff's Slacks Icon.png
Sheriff's Slacks
Leg Armour
Sheriff's Slacks.png
Power Multiplier    40%
Armor Boost    14
Max Energy Boost    8
Max Health Boost    8
They'll respect your authority when you're wearing these sheriff's pants.
Uncommon Pixels-Sell.png 1600

Sheriff's Slacks are the legpiece part of the Sheriff's Set, the Novakid tier 4 armor set. They are crafted at a Replicator using Durasteel Bars and Outlaw Pants.

Players automatically learn the crafting schematic for Sheriff's Slacks after picking up Outlaw Pants.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem novatier4pants
File Name novatier4.legs
File Path assets\items\armors\novakid\nova-tier4