Phoenix Set

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Phoenix Set
Avian Armor
Phoenix Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     250%
Protection Stat.png     75
Max Energy Stat.png     50
Max Health Stat.png     100
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Phoenix Set is an Avian tier 5 armor set crafted at a Separator's Table. It requires Refined Violium to craft each piece.

It's craftable immediately at a Separator's Table for Avian characters.

Set Pieces

Phoenix Helm Icon.png
Phoenix Helm
Head Armour
Phoenix Helm.png
Power Multiplier    75%
Armor Boost    22.5
Max Energy Boost    15
Max Health Boost    30
A shining battle helm made from bright, pure violium.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2880
Phoenix Breastplate Icon.png
Phoenix Breastplate
Chest Armour
Phoenix Breastplate.png
Power Multiplier    125%
Armor Boost    37.5
Max Energy Boost    25
Max Health Boost    50
The violium plating on this chestpiece makes it near-impenetrable by conventional weapons.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 4800
Phoenix Greaves Icon.png
Phoenix Greaves
Leg Armour
Phoenix Greaves.png
Power Multiplier    50%
Armor Boost    15
Max Energy Boost    10
Max Health Boost    20
Some say that these violium greaves grant their wearer mythical swiftness. Others say that that's all made up.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 1920