Bandit Set

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Bandit Set
Novakid Armor
Bandit Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     100%
Protection Stat.png     45
Max Energy Stat.png     20
Max Health Stat.png     20
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Bandit Set is the Novakid tier 2 armor Set, crafted using an anvil. Tungsten bars are required to craft each piece of the set.

The crafting schematics for each armor piece are unlocked when the set pieces for the Deputy's Set are picked up.

Set Pieces

Bandit Hat Icon.png
Bandit Hat
Head Armour
Bandit Hat.png
Power Multiplier    30%
Armor Boost    13.5
Max Energy Boost    6
Max Health Boost    6
Go incognito in this bandana-hat combo.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 1440
Bandit Vest Icon.png
Bandit Vest
Chest Armour
Bandit Vest.png
Power Multiplier    50%
Armor Boost    22.5
Max Energy Boost    10
Max Health Boost    10
A tough jacket with steel fastenings, to keep you warm in all weather.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 2400
Bandit Chaps Icon.png
Bandit Chaps
Leg Armour
Bandit Chaps.png
Power Multiplier    20%
Armor Boost    9
Max Energy Boost    4
Max Health Boost    4
Make the perfect getaway in these bandit's chaps.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 960


  • Spirited Giraffe: Adjusted stats, added power multiplier, added tier 1 set crafting requirement