Lunar Base Blastdoor

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Lunar Base Blastdoor
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This door is airtight and made with incredibly strong materials.


Lunar Base Blastdoor is a door type found in the Erchius Facility mission. It's unique because its placement is diagonal.

The crafting blueprint can be found inside the Erchius Facility mission as well, allowing players to craft this using a Wooden Workbench when learned.

Racial Descriptions

Apex Icon.png Apex : This door is solid and airtight.
Avian Icon.png Avian : A door that opens at a curious angle.
Floran Icon.png Floran : This door looks heavy. Floran doesn't want to get sssquished.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Intrigued. This doorway appears to be leaning.
Human Icon.png Human : It looks like a reliable door to keep things out. Or in.
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl : This doorway is slanted. Maybe to remind us to see things from different angles.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : It's like a normal doorway. But diagonal.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem lunarbasedoor
File Name lunarbasedoor.object
File Path assets\objects\mission\lunarbasedoor