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Erchius Mining Facility is the first instanced mission (not counting the optional introduction), possessing a Difficulty Tier of 2. Completing it is required for The Erchius Mining Facility quest to repair your ship's FTL drive using Erchius Crystals. To complete the mission players must defeat the Erchius Horror boss and activate the drilling machine to the right of the boss chamber.

Penguin Pete at the shipyard will give you the mission, stating that he needs the Erchius Crystals found there to fix your ship's FTL drive. He then uploads the coordinates to your SAIL. The mission can then be launched from SAIL on your ship.

The mission resets instantly after you die, but there is a checkpoint near the boss fight in a bunker - activating it prevents the mission from resetting on death.

The Erchius Mining Facility, aka Letheia Lunar Base 12, is owned by the Lethia Corporation. The miners accidentally uncovered the Erchius Horror while drilling a large patch of Erchius crystal with a mining laser. The monster attacked them, and when the crew attempted to send a distress signal to Letheia Corporation Headquarters, the company locked down the facility and shut down communications, in an effort to cover up the incident.

Guaranteed Treasure

Generated Treasure

3 blueprints are missing: Miner's Door, Mining Chest and Mining Hatch.


In the area right before the Horror, there is a side room accessible only through the Distortion Sphere tech. This location has 3 Lunar Crates and a passage that requires 2 hidden levers to be opened. Inside the secret room, there is another chest with the Left Translation Wheel and a sign that translates to "It will return", which is a warning that The Ruin will come back.

It is possible to glitch yourself into this area by crouching next to the hole you would Distortion Sphere down and repeatedly moving left or right. This will cause you to slowly "crawl" through the hole. This strategy is time-consuming, and it is possible to suffocate yourself in certain positions, however, this is very unlikely.

Generic Container Treasure

Generic Container Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
Empty 0.4 40%
Mission Treasure 1 0.3 30%
Mission Treasure 2 0.2 20%
Mission Treasure 3 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0
Mission Treasure Weight Chance
Money Treasure 0.3 27.8%
0.19 17.6%
0.04 3.7%
0.02 1.9%
Common Gun 0.03 2.8%
0.08 7.4%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.08 7.4%
0.04 3.7%
0.04 3.7%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
0.02 1.9%
Total Weight 1

After-Boss Chest

After-Boss Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
1 Always Appears
Random Rewards 5 0.5 50%
Random Rewards 6 0.5 50%
Total Weight 1.0
Random Rewards Quantity Weight Chance
1 0.1 10%
20 0.1 10%
1 0.2 20%
1000 0.1 10%
Uncommon Gun 1 0.1 10%
2 0.15 15%
Uncommon Melee 1 0.15 15%
Shield 1 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0


  • Despite what one might assume, a Breathing EPP is not required to survive on this mission. It is assumed that there are air generators around the facility.
  • In the beta storyline, an oxygen bio-implant was required to complete this mission. This was likely changed as part of the story revamp for the full release, because players can no longer obtain the materials needed to make a Breathing EPP until after this mission is completed.
  • In beta versions, the secret room contained a cat, instead of the ancient room with the Left Translation Wheel. Prior to the introduction of ship pets, this provided a way for players to obtain a pet, using a Capture Pod.

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