Left Translation Wheel

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Left Translation Wheel
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One half of an ancient wheel made for translating runes.

Left Translation Wheel is an item found in a hidden chamber in the Erchius Mining Facility mission.


Together with Right Translation Wheel it can be exchanged at Treasured Trophies at the Outpost for a codex, The Ancient Alphabet, which provides a key to decipher ancient cultivator text.

How To Find

To access the chamber in the Erchius Facility where the Left Translation Wheel is found, players will need the Distortion Sphere tech (or any of its upgrades) and a means of reaching high places, such as the Spike Sphere tech or a Grappling Hook. Because of this, it is unlikely to be accessible on a player's first visit to the facility. Players can return to the facility later in the game, after acquiring the necessary tech/s.

The chamber with the Left Translation Wheel is initially locked; unlocking the chamber requires activating two hidden levers.

The first lever is located above the first room where multiple human survivors can be found, just above the chest with the Space Helmet. To access the lever, exit the survivors' room to the left, climb on top of its roof, roll right in a Sphere form, and then climb the vertical rock tunnel to find the switch.

The second lever is found in a large open room with a clothed, weapon-wielding enemy. Climb to the top-left corner of this room to find the lever.

At the top of the long vertical shaft leading to the boss door, there is a pile of debris; behind this is a small tunnel traversable in Sphere form. Rolling down this tunnel leads to a small hidden room with a few crates. Also in this room are two sigils, and the door to the chamber where the Left Translation Wheel is found. If both hidden levers have been activated, the sigils will be blue, and the door to the hidden chamber will be open. The sigils will be dark if their corresponding levers have not been activated.

Ingredient for

The Ancient Alphabet Icon.png The Ancient Alphabet 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem translator1
File Name translator1.item
File Path assets\items\generic\other