Right Translation Wheel

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Right Translation Wheel
Right Translation Wheel.png

One half of an ancient wheel made for translating runes.

Right Translation Wheel is an item found inside the Miniknog Stronghold mission.


Together with Left Translation Wheel it can be exchanged at Treasured Trophies at the Outpost for a codex, The Ancient Alphabet, which provides a key to decipher ancient cultivator text.

How To Find

There is a door hidden in the room where you find the first Miniknog Scientist. Behind the door are two runes which must be lit and a passage that leads to a secret room that contains the Right Translation Wheel.

To gain access to this room, you must light the runes:

  • The wheel is near the chest containing the Miniknog Helmet which activates the left rune
  • The console is in the room overlooking the elevator which activates the right rune

Once you have activated both the wheel and the console, you must go back to the room at the very far left of the underground tunnels where you encounter the first Miniknog Scientist, and you will find the hidden door elevated off the ground on the far left wall. Behind that door will be a hatch, and if you lit both runes, that hatch will unlock, leading to a chest containing the Right Translation Wheel next to a large carving of a tentacle.

Ingredient for

The Ancient Alphabet Icon.png The Ancient Alphabet 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem translator2
File Name translator2.item
File Path assets\items\generic\other