Knave's Set

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Knave's Set
Glitch Armor
Knave's Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     50%
Protection Stat.png     25
Max Energy Stat.png     10
Max Health Stat.png     10
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Knave's Set is a Glitch tier 1 Armor set, available after constructing the Iron Anvil. It requires 10 Iron Bars, 12 Woven Fabric, and 1 String in total to craft it.

Set Pieces

Knave's Helm Icon.png
Knave's Helm
Head Armour
Knave's Helm.png
Power Multiplier    15%
Armor Boost    7.5
Max Energy Boost    3
Max Health Boost    3
The iron helm of the knave only protects the top of the head.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 480
Knave's Breastplate Icon.png
Knave's Breastplate
Chest Armour
Knave's Breastplate.png
Power Multiplier    25%
Armor Boost    12.5
Max Energy Boost    5
Max Health Boost    5
A knave's breastplate is plain and unadorned, reflecting their position in society.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 800
Knave's Pants Icon.png
Knave's Trousers
Leg Armour
Knave's Pants.png
Power Multiplier    10%
Armor Boost    5
Max Energy Boost    2
Max Health Boost    2
Most of the iron in a knave's trousers is in the belt buckle.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 320