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You never know when a bit of string might come in handy.


String is a crafting material used to craft tools, weapons, armor, blocks, and a number of other items. It is made with plant fibre using a Spinning Wheel.

During beta, it was required to complete the quest This is my Song!. This quest was removed in update Cheerful Giraffe.

Ingredient for

Defector's Chestguard Icon.png Defector's Chestguard 1
Hatchling's Breastplate Icon.png Hatchling's Breastplate 1
Bomb Icon.png Bomb 1
Hunting Bow Icon.png Hunting Bow 1
Boxing Glove Icon.png Boxing Glove 5
Bug Net Icon.png Bug Net 10
Cabin Roofing Icon.png Cabin Roofing (30) 1
Compound Bow Icon.png Compound Bow 1
Dastardly Eyepatch Icon.png Dastardly Eyepatch 5
Wooden Fence Icon.png Wooden Fence (10) 1
Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod 10
Flare Icon.png Flare (2) 1
Sprout's Chestguard Icon.png Sprout's Chestguard 1
Basic Fossil Brush Icon.png Basic Fossil Brush 1
Master Fossil Brush Icon.png Master Fossil Brush 3
Advanced Fossil Brush Icon.png Advanced Fossil Brush 2
Giant Bow Icon.png Giant Bow 1
Knave's Breastplate Icon.png Knave's Breastplate 1
Hoe Icon.png Hoe 1
Scouter's Chestguard Icon.png Scouter's Chestguard 1
Puddle Chestguard Icon.png Puddle Chestguard 1
Mushroom Hat Icon.png Mushroom Hat 1
Deputy's Vest Icon.png Deputy's Vest 1
Basic Shield Icon.png Basic Shield 4
Tungsten Hunting Bow Icon.png Tungsten Hunting Bow 1
Wooden Bridge Block Icon.png Wooden Bridge Block (10) 1
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support 2


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem string
File Name string.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting