Macaw Set

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Macaw Set
Avian Armor
Macaw Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     300%
Protection Stat.png     80
Max Energy Stat.png     150
Max Health Stat.png     60
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Macaw Set is an Avian tier 6 armor set crafted using an Accelerator's Table. It requires Solarium Star and each piece of a Peacock Set to craft. It is geared towards usage with ranged weapons like guns.

Set Pieces

Macaw Headdress Icon.png
Macaw Headdress
Head Armour
Macaw Headdress.png
Power Multiplier    90%
Armor Boost    24
Max Energy Boost    45
Max Health Boost    18
Gaudy yet hard as nails, this headwear defends against all manner of dangers.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 3840
Macaw Shirt Icon.png
Macaw Shirt
Chest Armour
Macaw Shirt.png
Power Multiplier    150%
Armor Boost    40
Max Energy Boost    75
Max Health Boost    30
This no-frills shirt is interwoven with pure solarium thread. A deft mix of strength and style.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 6400
Macaw Leggings Icon.png
Macaw Leggings
Leg Armour
Macaw Leggings.png
Power Multiplier    60%
Armor Boost    16
Max Energy Boost    30
Max Health Boost    12
These slim-cut leggings are interwoven with pure solarium thread for added durability.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 2560