Owl Helm

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Owl Helm Icon.png
Owl Helm
Head Armour
Owl Helm.png
Power Multiplier    60%
Armor Boost    21
Max Energy Boost    12
Max Health Boost    12
Durasteel-based helmet worn by Avian spacefarers. Doesn't protect you from the vacuum of space, though...
Uncommon Pixels-Sell.png 2400

Owl Helm is the helmet part of the Owl Set, the Avian tier 4 armor set. It is crafted at a Replicator using Durasteel Bars and a Quail Crest.

Players automatically learn the crafting schematic for Owl Helm after picking up Quail Crest.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem aviantier4head
File Name aviantier4.head
File Path assets\items\armors\avian\avian-tier4