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A square of leather.

Leather is a crafting material that is primarily used for crafting armor. It is dropped from biped and quadruped monsters, Batong, Ringram, Taroni, and Capricoat. Monsters killed with hunting weapons, such as a Hunting Bow or a Hunting Spear, have a higher chance to dropping leather. It can also be purchased from Infinity Express for 250 pixels.

During beta, gathering a piece of leather was a requirement of the quest Sharpening Up. This quest was removed in update Cheerful Giraffe.

Ingredient for

Rebel's Chestguard Icon.png Rebel's Chestguard 1
Insurgent's Jacket Icon.png Insurgent's Jacket 1
Revolutionary's Jacket Icon.png Revolutionary's Jacket 3
Revolutionary's Bandana Icon.png Revolutionary's Bandana 1
Revolutionary's Trousers Icon.png Revolutionary's Trousers 1
Rogue's Chestguard Icon.png Rogue's Chestguard 1
Rogue's Hood Icon.png Rogue's Hood 1
File:Rogue's Trousers Icon.png Rogue's Trousers 1
Leather Loincloth Icon.png Leather Loincloth 2
Leather Breastplate Icon.png Leather Breastplate 4
Sparrow Breastplate Icon.png Sparrow Breastplate 1
Quail Breastplate Icon.png Quail Breastplate 1
Owl Breastplate Icon.png Owl Breastplate 3
Owl Helm Icon.png Owl Helm 1
Owl Skirt Icon.png Owl Skirt 1
File:Peacock Chestplate Icon.png Peacock Chestplate 1
Peacock Headdress Icon.png Peacock Headdress 1
Peacock Skirt Icon.png Peacock Skirt 1
Bone Chair Icon.png Bone Chair 1
Bone Door Icon.png Bone Door 1
Pile of Books Icon.png Pile of Books (20) 1
Boxing Glove Icon.png Boxing Glove 5
Bonesmith's Chestguard Icon.png Bonesmith's Chestguard 1
Nomad's Chestguard Icon.png Nomad's Chestguard 1
Hunter's Chestguard Icon.png Hunter's Chestguard 3
Hunter's Hood Icon.png Hunter's Hood 1
File:Hunter's Skirt Icon.png Hunter's Skirt 1
Wiseman's Chestguard Icon.png Wiseman's Chestguard 1
Wiseman's Thinking Hat Icon.png Wiseman's Thinking Hat 1
Wiseman's Loincloth Icon.png Wiseman's Loincloth 1
Ghostly Collar Icon.png Ghostly Collar 5
Soldier's Breastplate Icon.png Soldier's Breastplate 1
Knight's Breastplate Icon.png Knight's Breastplate 1
Dark Knight's Breastplate Icon.png Dark Knight's Breastplate 3
Dark Knight's Helm Icon.png Dark Knight's Helm 1
Dark Knight's Tassets Icon.png Dark Knight's Tassets 1
Crusader's Breastplate Icon.png Crusader's Breastplate 1
Crusader's Helm Icon.png Crusader's Helm 1
Crusader's Greaves Icon.png Crusader's Greaves 1
Scavenger's Breastplate Icon.png Scavenger's Breastplate 1
Pioneer's Chestguard Icon.png Pioneer's Chestguard 1
Outrider's Chestguard Icon.png Outrider's Chestguard 3
Outrider's Helm Icon.png Outrider's Helm 1
Outrider's Pants Icon.png Outrider's Pants 1
Vanguard's Flak Jacket Icon.png Vanguard's Flak Jacket 1
Vanguard's Helm Icon.png Vanguard's Helm 1
File:Vanguard's Trousers Icon.png Vanguard's Trousers 1
Pond Breastplate Icon.png Pond Breastplate 1
River Breastplate Icon.png River Breastplate 1
Lake Breastplate Icon.png Lake Breastplate 3
Lake Helm Icon.png Lake Helm 1
Lake Greaves Icon.png Lake Greaves 1
Sea Chestguard Icon.png Sea Chestguard 1
Sea Hat Icon.png Sea Hat 1
Sea Leggings Icon.png Sea Leggings 1
Lunar Base Bunk Icon.png Lunar Base Bunk 3
Lunar Base Chair Icon.png Lunar Base Chair 1
Bandit Vest Icon.png Bandit Vest 1
Outlaw Chest Icon.png Outlaw Chest 1
Sheriff's Vest Icon.png Sheriff's Vest 3
Sheriff's Hat Icon.png Sheriff's Hat 1
Sheriff's Slacks Icon.png Sheriff's Slacks 1
Bandito's Poncho Icon.png Bandito's Poncho 1
Bandito's Sombrero Icon.png Bandito's Sombrero 1
Bandito's Pants Icon.png Bandito's Pants 1
Stylish Chair Icon.png Stylish Chair 2
Steamspring Chair Icon.png Steamspring Chair 2
Tungsten Chair Icon.png Tungsten Chair 2
Titanium Chair Icon.png Titanium Chair 5
Durasteel Chair Icon.png Durasteel Chair 5


  • Cheerful Giraffe: Changed rarity from Common to Uncommon, increased price from 5 to 50


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem leather
File Name leather.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting