Durasteel Assault Rifle

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Durasteel Assault Rifle Icon.png
Durasteel Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle
Durasteel Assault Rifle.png
Damage Per Shot:2.9
Rate of Fire:9.1
Energy Per Shot:31.5
Special:Grenade Launcher
Base Max Damage:
Energy Per Shot:
Pixels-Sell.png 2400

Durasteel Assault Rifle is the Novakid tier 4 craftable unique two handed gun. It's made using durasteel bars at a replicator. The one handed tier 4 Novakid gun is Durasteel Revolver, which is less powerful.

The crafting schematic is available to all Novakid characters by default when they use a replicator, but cannot be crafted by other races.

This weapon is notable for its very high rate of fire - almost no procedurally generated rifles will fire this rapidly. Despite this, it is very energy efficient and has a consistent, reliable firing pattern; it remains useful until endgame. In fact, the design is so extremely reliable that procedurally generated assault rifles that closely mimic its firing pattern will be more powerful overall than other rifle designs.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem durasteelassaultrifle
File Name durasteelassaultrifle.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\novakid