Heating EPP Upgrade

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Heating EPP Upgrade
Enviro Protection Pack
Heating EPP Upgrade.png

This upgrade adds heat generation to your EPP's capabilities. Useful on dangerously cold planets.

The Heating EPP Upgrade is an Environmental Protection Pack upgrade which makes players immune to the deadly chill planetary hazard. This hazard is present on arctic, midnight, and tundra planets. As well as slowing movement and lowering jump height, it disables energy regeneration and drains energy steadily, causing damage to the player once all energy is drained.

Like all EPPs, it confers the abilities of all previous tiers: in this case, the ability to breathe in airless environments, as well as protection from deadly radiation.

Like other EPPs, it has a slot to fit augments. These offer a variety of beneficial effects such as illumination, regeneration and protection. Augments are applied by right-clicking the desired augment on the EPP. EPPs can hold exactly one augment, and applying another augment will destroy the previously fitted augment. Using an augmented EPP in the crafting recipe for the next tier of EPP will also destroy the fitted augment.

Ingredient for

Cooling EPP Upgrade Icon.png Cooling EPP Upgrade 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem coldprotectionback
File Name coldprotection.back
File Path assets\items\armors\backitems\coldprotection