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The Wiring crafting station
Wiring view
Various logic gates

Starbound has a wiring system that allows players to control the state of powered items including doors and lights. Players can use the system to set up buttons that open doors as well as complex circuits using logic gates.


Wire Mode Icon.png Wire Mode, a Matter Manipulator upgrade, allows the player to switch to the wiring view, showing existing power connections and allowing the player to set up new ones.

Power sources

Various objects can serve as power sources for powered items including switches when toggled on, and logic gates. The simplest power source is an unpowered NOT gate.

Powered items

A number of items, such as doors or light sources, can be powered, resulting in a special effect or event based on the item type. For example, a ship's cockpit door can open and close based on a power input.

A door that has its input wired to a power source loses the ability to be opened manually. It is open when that power source is active and closed when that power source is off.[1]

Logic-Bulb.png Bulb

The simplest powered item is the Bulb. It accepts one power input and has no power output of its own. It changes color from grey to blue when receiving power, making it useful for testing wiring setups, but apparently has no other use.


A switch provides power output when pressed or otherwise activated. Pressure plates are active when a player stands on them, buttons are active when pressed, light sensors are active when exposed to light, and proximity scanners are active when an entity is nearby. There are a variety of switch types based on Race and Tier, as well as some that match a specific theme. Known switch styles include:

Tiered Switches

Themed Switches

Apex Switches

Avian Switches

Floran Switches

Glitch Switches

Human Switches

Hylotl Switches

Other Switches


A gate is a placeable object which accepts one or more input power connections, and provides one output power connection. The power output is based on the the gate type as well as the state of the input power.

When placed, gates appear in blue if their current power output is on, and grey if their current power output is off.

Logic-DLATCH.png Latch

A Latch (or in this case, a D-Latch) accepts two inputs. Its power output matches that of input A as long as input B is positive (on). If input B is not on or turned off, the output state is held in whatever state it was previously on while input B was active. It will then automatically correct itself (if necessary) to whatever state input A is showing at the time input B is activated again.

Logic-NOT.png NOT Switch

The NOT gate (also known as an Inverter) accepts one power input. Its power output is on if input power is off; otherwise, it is off.

Logic-OR.png OR Switch

The OR gate accepts two power inputs. Its power output is on if at least one input power is on; otherwise, it is off.

Logic-AND.png AND Switch

The AND gate accepts two power inputs. Its power output is on if both input powers are on; otherwise, it is off.

Logic-XOR.png XOR Switch

The XOR gate accepts two power inputs. Its power output is on if exactly one input power is off and the other is on; otherwise, it is off.

Logic-Timer.png Timer (Half Second)

The timer accepts one power input. Its output alternates between on and off, changing once per 1/2 second interval. When its input is powered, its output halts in its current state.

Countdown Timer.gif Countdown Timer

When activated, the timer counts down at an interval between 1 to 5 before turning off. The countdown time can be adjusted by interacting with the switch or by chaining multiple timers together.

Delay Gate.png Delay Gate

This logic gate causes a signal passing through it to be delayed by a short time.

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