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Console Keyboard Icon.png
Console Keyboard
Console Keyboard.png

I wonder what all these buttons are for...

Console Keyboard is a console object that can be interacted with and scanned in the Miniknog Stronghold. Interacting with it will activate wired objects. When activated it will display a green or red light.

Racial Descriptions

Apex Icon.png Apex : An Apex keyboard contains each of the 26 keys in the Apex alphabet.
Avian Icon.png Avian : A device with many buttons, an alien symbol on each one.
Floran Icon.png Floran : Sssilly technology.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Curious. Only 26 symbols?
Human Icon.png Human : It's not QWERTY.. but I recognise a lot of the letters here.
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl : Hylotl lettering flows like water. Apex lettering flows like stone.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : A keyboard. Used for typin'.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem apexconsolekeyboard
File Name apexconsolekeyboard.object
File Path assets\objects\apex\apexconsolekeyboard