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2 Stop Teleshop.gif
Teleporters are platforms that transport the player from one location to another within Starbound. The first teleporter players will encounter is on their ship immediately after beginning the game. Later players will have the option to purchase placeable teleporters -- enabling them to travel quickly between saved locations throughout the universe.

Ship Teleporters

Ship teleporters are built into every ship and allow players to travel from their ship to the planet they are in orbit around, as welll as any other teleportation bookmarks. They cannot be moved or picked up.

Racial Flags

Flags act as teleporter bookmarks. Once placed, interacting with a flag opens the bookmark window and the location can be saved. Flags do not allow the player to teleport to other bookmarks or their ship, they can only be teleported to from either the ship or a full size teleportation pad. They are made using 1 Copper Bar and 20 Fabric

Apex Flag.gif Avian Flag.gif Floran Flag.gif Glitch Flag.gif Human Flag.gif Hylotl Flag.gif Novakid Flag.gif
Apex Avian Floran Glitch Human Hylotl Novakid

Purchasable Teleporters

The vendor 2 Stop Teleshop at the Outpost sells a variety of placeable teleporter designs. These teleporters, unlike ship teleporters, can be carried in players bags and placed. Once placed they can be named as a bookmark, and returned to from any other teleporter.

Teleporter Core.png
These teleporters all require a Teleporter Core to purchase. Once placed they will be destroyed when picked back up, but the Teleporter Core will be available to pick up.

Wooden Teleporter.png Brass Teleporter.png Stone Teleporter.png Scientific Teleporter.png Futuristic Teleporter.png Tomb Teleporter.png Executive Teleporter.png
Wooden Brass Stone Scientific Futuristic Tomb Executive