Teleporter Core

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Teleporter Core Icon.png
Teleporter Core
Crafting Material
Teleporter Core.png

A rare, hi-tech key component of a personal teleporter.


Teleporter Core is a rare crafting material that can be found in chests, be given as a reward when digging for fossils, and can be purchased from 2 Stop Teleshop at the outpost for 15 diamonds.

It is a required component for buying placeable teleporter pads from the same shop.

Ingredient for

Executive Teleporter Icon.png Executive Teleporter 1
Brass Teleporter Icon.png Brass Teleporter 1
Futuristic Teleporter Icon.png Futuristic Teleporter 1
Scientific Teleporter Icon.png Scientific Teleporter 1
Stone Teleporter Icon.png Stone Teleporter 1
Tomb Teleporter Icon.png Tomb Teleporter 1
Wooden Teleporter Icon.png Wooden Teleporter 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem teleportercore
File Name teleportercore.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting