Buzzy Set

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Buzzy Set
Buzzy Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     %
Protection Stat.png     
Max Energy Stat.png     
Max Health Stat.png     
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Buzzy Set is a set of Cosmetic Armor found in Giant Flower mini biomes.

Set Pieces

Buzzy Hat Icon.png
Buzzy Hat
Buzzy Hat.png
A cute insect hat with little antennae! How adorable.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Buzzy Shirt Icon.png
Buzzy Shirt
Buzzy Shirt.png
A fuzzy striped shirt. It smells faintly of honey.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Buzzy Trousers Icon.png
Buzzy Trousers
Buzzy Trousers.png
A pair of striped costume trousers. Don't worry, the stinger is just for show.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Buzzy Wings Icon.png
Buzzy Wings
Buzzy Wings.png
A pair of insect wings. Wearing these doesn't let you fly, unfortunately.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500