Armoured Cultist Set

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Armoured Cultist Set
Armoured Cultist Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     0%
Protection Stat.png     0
Max Energy Stat.png     0
Max Health Stat.png     0
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Armoured Cultist Set is a Cosmetic Armor set. It is equipped on some cultist NPCs.

The headpiece and backpiece were added implemented in game as drops in update 1.4, but the chest and legs are still not currently obtainable through normal gameplay.

Set Pieces

Cultist General Hood Icon.png
Cultist General Hood
Cultist General Hood.png
A cultist hood made to resemble a large eye.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0
Armoured Cultist Chest Icon.png
Armoured Cultist Chest
Armoured Cultist Chest.png
A cultist breastplate, reinforced with metal made to look like tentacles.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0
Armoured Cultist Greaves Icon.png
Armoured Cultist Greaves
Armoured Cultist Greaves.png
An armoured cultist's leg armour.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0
Cultist General Tentacles Icon.png
Cultist General Tentacles
Cultist General Tentacles.png
A harness with artificial tentacles attached.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 0


  • Version 1.4.0: Updated appearance of and implemented helm and back armor