Swamp Cot

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Swamp Cot
Swamp Cot.png

A small seat made from leaves and roots.


Swamp Chair is a bed type furniture object.

The blueprint needed to unlock the schematic for this item can be found within Small Primitive Chests in Swamp Mini Biomes.

Status Effects

Racial Descriptions

Apex Icon.png Apex : This bed might be comfier than it first appears.
Avian Icon.png Avian : A wooden boat frame and leaves as cover.
Floran Icon.png Floran : Floran ssleep in leavess.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Drowsy. Power levels low. Sleep mode required.
Human Icon.png Human : It looks kind of like a boat. A boat full of leaves.
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl : I'd feel uncomfortable sleeping in such a shoddy bed.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : This kind of bed is for livin' the simple life.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem swampybed
File Name swampybed.object
File Path assets\objects\biome\swamp\swampybed