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The Human starter ship was the first ship announced. Its simple and elegant design looks futuristic, but distinct enough from the other races to remain unique. Fluorescent lamps light up the cabin, and a plush captain's chair sits on the bridge.


Pet The pet unique to Human ships is a cat.

Ship Upgrades

As the player progresses farther into the story of Starbound, they'll unlock additional modules on their starter ship. These additional modules provide more space on the ship for players to place objects, as well as crafting stations, containers, and furniture.

Initially the players ship is completely broken, but Penguin Pete can repair it, so he sends you to the Erchius Mining Facility to pick up 20 Erchius crystals for the FTL drive. By the second stage of upgrade the ship is fully repaired and additional stages increase size.

After repairing the ship FTL drive the player will open a variety of missions that will allow them to upgrade the side of their ship. These quests are given at the outpost and are as follows;

The human ship expansions were the first revealed when Tiy tweeted some example upgrades for the new design of ship.[1]

Human Ship Upgrades.gif

Level 1 (Broken)

Human Ship Upgrade 1.png

Level 2

Human Ship Upgrade 2.png

Level 3

Human Ship Upgrade 3.png

Level 4

Human Ship Upgrade 4.png

Level 5

Human Ship Upgrade 5.png

Level 6

Human Ship Upgrade 6.png

Level 7

Human Ship Upgrade 7.png

Level 8

Human Ship Upgrade 8.png


The design may have been based off of Colonial One from Battlestar Galactica. The design also closely resembles a Hammerhead-Class Cruiser from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic game series.