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Ancient Icon.png
non-playable race
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Cultural Style Archaic
Appearance Unknown

The Ancients are a non-playable and presumably extinct race in Starbound. They are a very old race of unknown appearance. They've left behind many ruins such as the Ark and challenge rooms.

The ancients have their own language, written in runes. These runes have been found on the Ancient Plaques, Monolith Gates and other ancient structures.

They also seem to have sophisticated technology. Their gateways allow travel to pocket dimensions, and their mysterious light sources do not have a known power source.

The most mysterious of these structures is the Ark, found beside the outpost. Uncovering the secret of this site is one of the main objectives of the story within Starbound.

If players gather both a left and a right translation wheel they can be exchanged at Treasured Trophies for a special codex, The Ancient Alphabet, which can decipher the Ancient's language.


  • The Ancients are one of the races that do not have a corresponding fossil.
  • It is possible that the Cultivator was a member of the ancient race.
  • There is a mysterious trader that gives you Vault Keys to Ancient Vaults who might be one of the few surviving ancients.
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