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Shadows Icon.png
non-playable race
Dark Set.png

Cultural Style Enigmatic
Appearance Shadowlike

Shadows are a non-hostile non-playable Race, found only in Midnight Biomes. These jet-black beings constantly emit a thick black mist, and "speak" only with a hiss of wind. At nighttime (which is always night, as midnight biomes have no daylight), they are almost invisible save for their glowing-green eyes.


Midnight Biomes

Shadows only appear in Midnight Biomes, and always near mysterious constructs decorated in creepy Shrines and Shadow Markers. These structures do not appear to have any form of living quarters, so what purpose they actually serve is a mystery. It's possible they are places of worship, except the Shadows seem very indifferent to the structures' destruction at the players' hands.

Shadows are nonviolent, and have no means of defense from hostile entities save running away (or any way to stop someone who smashes their urns and takes apart the structures). Players must exercise caution when fighting in Midnight Biomes, as Shadows are not safe from player attacks as some non-hostile NPCs are.


  • Players can find the three-piece Dark Disguise Set in Shadow Chests, allowing to player to look like a Shadow.
  • The Shadows are one of only two living races that cannot be summoned as a Tenant, the other being the Penguins.
  • A red-eyed Dark Guard Mask existed in the game files, but has since been removed at some indeterminate point. This suggests that the Shadows were at one point meant to be able to fight back, but for whatever reason the idea was abandoned.
  • If a Shadow is chosen as the recipient of a procedurally generated quest, they will use human dialogue. This will stop once the quest is completed.
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