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Alpaca Icon.png
non-playable race
Alien Alpaca Set.png

Cultural Style Nordic
Appearance Alpacalike

Alpaca are a friendly non-playable race found in Alpine Biomes. Their speech is rendered with a Scottish accent, though their helmets, axes and runes give them a very Viking motif.

Like all non-player races, they cannot give quests.



The Alpaca are found in small houses made of Rock Bricks and Sod Blocks, with rarely more than a single Alpaca per house. Oddly, these simple buildings often have Apex Classic Dining Tables and Classic Candlesticks as decor. Most also have an Alpaca rune carving on the wall.

The Alpaca are fighters, carrying procedurally-generated axes for combat. Currently there are no non-combat Alpaca.


An Alpaca Guard Tenant can be summoned by placing a Colony Deed in a suitable room with enough "boxes" of "Alpine"-tagged decor. They will act as normal Alpaca, attacking enemies with their battle axes.

Name Type (lvl) Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Alpine Tenant.png
Alpaca Guard Guard (3) Alpaca Alpine Alpine (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Alpaca Skeleton.png

The player can find fossilized remains of Alpacas undergound on most planets by successfully completing a fossil mini-game. The prizes for completion are randomized, so it may take a lot of tries to obtain even a single piece.

Once a complete set of skull, torso and legs has been collected, they can be placed in a Medium Fossil Display, forming a complete Alpaca skeleton to be put on display as a decor item. This also completes entry #17 in the Fossil Collections Library. Once the skeleton and display have been combined, they cannot be disassembled.


  • The Alpaca were first revealed on the Starbound blog as a set of cosmetic armor (the Alien Alpaca Set), with no indication that they would eventually become an NPC race. Players can use this set, found in Stone Chests scattered throughout Alpine Biomes, to pretend they're Alpacas, but they will know in their hearts they're not the real thing.
  • Internally to the game code, Alpaca are just Humans wearing suits, not an actual species. This is why they share both sound effects and a name pool with Humans. This is similar to Agarans, Deadbeats, and Froggs, but unlike Fenerox, Penguins, and Shadows. This fact is actually lampshaded by a line of dialogue they have.
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