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A mushroom. I could make quite a few things with enough of these.

Mushroom is a produce-type food. It is a crop dropped from giant mushrooms in Mushroom Patch and Mushrooms mini biomes ; it's also an ingredient in other crafting recipes. Agaran merchants on Garden planets can sell Mushrooms.

After harvesting or looting Mushroom for the first time players will automatically learn the crafting schematics for Mushroom Block, Roasted Mushrooms, and Mushroom Bread.

Additionally to the giant mushrooms, Starbound used to contain farmable Mushroom Seeds.


Unlocks Recipes
Mushroom Block Icon.png Mushroom Block
Mushroom Bread Icon.png Mushroom Bread
Roasted Mushrooms Icon.png Roasted Mushrooms

Ingredient for

Glow Table Icon.png Glow Table 10
Mushroom Bread Icon.png Mushroom Bread 5
Mushroom Hat Icon.png Mushroom Hat 50
Mushroom Quiche Icon.png Mushroom Quiche 5
Mushroom Rice Icon.png Mushroom Rice 5
Omelette Icon.png Omelette 5
Roasted Mushrooms Icon.png Roasted Mushrooms 5
Shroom Bed Icon.png Shroom Bed 25
Mushroom Block Icon.png Mushroom Block (10) 1
Shroom Chair Icon.png Shroom Chair 15
Shroom Chest Icon.png Shroom Chest 20
Shroom Door Icon.png Shroom Door 25
Shroom Lamp Icon.png Shroom Lamp 15
Shroom Table Icon.png Shroom Table 25
Mushroom Wardrobe Icon.png Mushroom Wardrobe 30



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem shroom
File Name shroom.item
File Path assets\items\generic\produce
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