Raw Fish

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Raw Fish Icon.png
Raw Fish
Raw Fish.png

A fillet of raw fish...slimy.

Raw Fish drops from Fish found in pools of liquid. It can be cooked to make Cooked Fish. It drops from fish when they are killed with any weapon. Larger fish seem to drop Raw Fish more often.

Raw Fish can be sold by Avian and Hylotl merchants.

Consuming it will restore 30 HP to players. After looting Raw Fish for the first time, players will automatically learn the cooking recipes for Fish Dumplings and Fish Fingers.


Unlocks Recipes
Fish Dumplings Icon.png Fish Dumplings
Fish Fingers Icon.png Fish Fingers

Ingredient for

Cooked Fish Icon.png Cooked Fish 1
Fish Dumplings Icon.png Fish Dumplings 1
Fish Fingers Icon.png Fish Fingers 1
Fish in a Bone Icon.png Fish in a Bone 1
Fish and Chips Icon.png Fish and Chips 1
Fish Pie Icon.png Fish Pie 1
Fish Stew Icon.png Fish Stew 1
Ocean Risotto Icon.png Ocean Risotto 1
Ocean Surprise Icon.png Ocean Surprise 1
Seafood Gratin Icon.png Seafood Gratin 1
Sushi Icon.png Sushi 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem rawfish
File Name rawfish.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\meat