Raw Bacon

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Raw Bacon Icon.png
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon.png

Raw strips of bacon. I should cook them first, right?

Raw Bacon is a food type item sold by Apex and Floran merchants and at Infinity Express. It is required to make Cooked Bacon.

After looting Raw Bacon for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipe for Sweet Meat.

Status Effects


Unlocks Recipes
Sweet Meat Icon.png Sweet Meat

Ingredient for

Bacon Pancakes Icon.png Bacon Pancakes 1
Bananacon Icon.png Bananacon 1
Cooked Bacon Icon.png Cooked Bacon 1
Omelette Icon.png Omelette 1
Pineapple Pizza Slice Icon.png Pineapple Pizza Slice 1
Pizza Slice Icon.png Pizza Slice 1
Quiche Lorraine Icon.png Quiche Lorraine 1
Sweet Meat Icon.png Sweet Meat 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem rawbacon
File Name rawbacon.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\meat