Salt Salad

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Salt Salad
Prepared Food
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Coralcreep, reefpod and pearlpea make for a salty, crunchy salad.

Salt Salad is a tier 4 foodstuff which can be created through cooking. Cooking it will complete entry #63 in the cooking collection.

After harvesting or looting Reefpod or Seafood Gratin for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipe for Salt Salad, and cooking Salt Salad teaches the recipe for Ocean Risotto.

Combining a Reefpod, a Coralcreep and Pearlpeas into a Salt Salad raises their total value by ~25.9%.

Status Effects


Unlocks Recipes
Ocean Risotto Icon.png Ocean Risotto



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem saltsalad
File Name saltsalad.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\food\tier4