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Milk Icon.png

Mmm, milk.

Milk is a type of food that can be purchased from Infinity Express and all racial merchants, found in fridges, or harvested from Mooshi which is a farm animal the player can purchase.

After buying or looting Milk for the first time players will automatically learn the cooking recipes for Porridge and Flat White Coffee.


Unlocks Recipes
Porridge Icon.png Porridge
Flat White Coffee Icon.png Flat White Coffee
Cheese Icon.png Cheese

Ingredient for

Automato Shake Icon.png Automato Shake 1
Avesmingo Ice Cream Icon.png Avesmingo Ice Cream 1
Bacon Pancakes Icon.png Bacon Pancakes 1
Banana Cream Donut Icon.png Banana Cream Donut 1
Banana Cream Pie Icon.png Banana Cream Pie 1
Banana Ice Cream Icon.png Banana Ice Cream 1
Bolt O's Icon.png Bolt O's 1
Cacti Ice Cream Icon.png Cacti Ice Cream 1
Cake Icon.png Cake 1
Carrot Cake Icon.png Carrot Cake 1
Carrot Soup Icon.png Carrot Soup 1
Cheese Icon.png Cheese 1
Chocolate Cake Icon.png Chocolate Cake 1
Choconut Icon.png Choconut 1
Coconut Ice Cream Icon.png Coconut Ice Cream 1
Coffee Cake Icon.png Coffee Cake 1
Eggshoot Ice Cream Icon.png Eggshoot Ice Cream 1
Flat White Coffee Icon.png Flat White Coffee 1
Mochaccino Icon.png Mochaccino 1
Pearlpea Pancakes Icon.png Pearlpea Pancakes 1
Porridge Icon.png Porridge 1
Pussplum Pudding Icon.png Pussplum Pudding 1
Reefshake Icon.png Reefshake 1
Rice Pudding Icon.png Rice Pudding 1
Spiky Cookies Icon.png Spiky Cookies 1
Spooky Donut Icon.png Spooky Donut 1
Tomato Soup Icon.png Tomato Soup 1
Toxic Jam Donut Icon.png Toxic Jam Donut 1
Wartweed Jam Donut Icon.png Wartweed Jam Donut 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem milk
File Name milk.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\shop