Hiraki Corale

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Hiraki Corale
Daring Hylotl adventurer

Hiraki Corale is a Hylotl adventurer extraordinaire, famed for her bravery (or perhaps foolhardiness), tenacity, sunny can-do attitude, and her obliviousness as to just how much trouble she causes. She travels the universe to learn about other races and cultures, and the field notes she's written on her adventures have spread far and wide.

She has been chased by angry Floran, chased off of Avian airships, chased by angry Glitch, chased by the Miniknog... it's hard to find a species she hasn't somehow ticked off and had to bolt from. Luckily she is an expert athlete, well-prepared for most eventualities, and is just plain-old incredibly lucky.

Her weapon of choice is a rocket launcher.


The player unfortunately does not get to meet Hiraki in-person, only get to know her by collecting and reading her Lore books found randomly in villages and dungeons.

Beta release

Dear Baron.png
Beta-Release Canon

The following material was introduced in the Beta and has since been removed or altered. As such, it is no longer considered to be a part of Starbound canon.


In the early "Koala" Beta versions of the game, Hiraki had several more adventures. Many of these involve concepts and characters that were later removed from the game as it was revamped, such as Greenfinger the scientist or USCM Bunkers.

Glitch Hierarchy Icon.png A note on Glitch Hierarchy

Glitch Individuals Icon.png A note on Glitch Individuals

Glitch Outcasts Icon.png A note on Glitch Outcasts

Pleasant Town Icon.png A Pleasant Town

Rude Awakening Icon.png A Rude Awakening

Strange Encounter Icon.png A Strange Encounter

Tasty Beverage Icon.png A Tasty Beverage

Bunker Busters Icon.png Bunker Busters

Fight or Flight Icon.png Fight or Flight

Friends to the End Icon.png Friends to the End

Mechanic's Journal 5 Icon.png Journal of a Mechanic 5

Results of Ascension Icon.png Results of Ascension

The Bone Dragon (Codex) Icon.png The Bone Dragon

Iron Avian Icon.png The Iron Avian

Peaceful Temple Icon.png The Peaceful Temple

USCM Personnel Log 54126 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log 54126

USCM Personnel Log 58991 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log 58991

Other appearances

Hiraki appeared in the two-page comic story "McVicar Makes a Friend", posted to the Starbound forums in April 2014. In it, she stumbles up the human Charlton McVicar and helps him escape a group of bloodthirsty Agaran. Like the removed lore, this story is non-canon now, due to the changes made to the Agaran.


  • Her design was created by Bietol as an entry for Design Hiraki Corale competition.
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a comic-accurate re-creation of Hiraki as a character without mods. Her headfin style and clothing have no in-game equivalents, but you can get vaguely close.