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For the location seen in the introductory mission, see the Terrene Protectorate. For the biome, see Earth (Biome).

The parallax of Earth, scattered with cities reaching high up the clouds.

Earth was a planet in the Solar system in the Milky Way galaxy, home to a very diverse climate with seven continents. It was inhabited by Humans and other sentient species and was home to the Terrene Protectorate, an organization to explore and offer aid across the galaxy. Earth also appears to be the only planet with arcologies, other than scorched biomes, where the arcologies appear to be destroyed.

In the events of the Starbound introductory mission, Earth is attacked and destroyed by the Ruin. An emergency broadcast was sent to other Humans warning them of the destruction. As shown in an Off-Earth Human Census and its Report, found throughout the universe, few humans live in permanent settlements off-planet in comparison to the population that lived on Earth.

An Earth Model is sometimes sold at the Frögg Furnishing store. Other Solar System planets can be bought there too, with racial descriptions containing additional lore about life in the Solar system before Earth's destruction.

Players cannot legitimately travel to Earth or any other real planets in Starbound, but Earth is the location of the introductory mission. Use of admin commands does allow the creation of a planet with an Earth-like biome, however such a planet will be only semi-functional and will contain visual bugs.


  • The Protectorate Academy in the introductory mission is entirely comprised of set pieces, with the exception of objects and the small number of mineable blocks. There are no materials in the base game that can fully replicate the appearance of the academy.
  • Most of the objects used in the academy are only half-implemented, in other words, they are implemented only just enough to be functional in that one setting, and don't appear or function like proper objects if spawned into other worlds. As an example, the Protectorate toilet only works correctly as a seat when placed in the direction it faces in the academy.
  • In the parallax of the introductory mission, as pictured, one can make out the London bridge, an obvious easter egg referencing London, where Chucklefish operates. Assuming this structure is actually the London bridge, and not merely a similar structure, this would seem to establish that the Protectorate academy is in London.