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Doomcannon Icon.png
Unique Weapon

'...because in the end, Doom is all that counts.'

The Doomcannon is a Tier 6 unique weapon that acts like a shotgun with a grenade launcher secondary attack.

The Doomcannon's primary ability is shotgun-style fire. 36 energy is used per individual shot to fire 7 red plasma projectiles, called "Doom Shot", that deal 2.25 damage (before armor and effect modifiers) per shot piece, or 15.75 damage (before armor and effect modifiers) if all 7 pieces strike. The primary can be fired once every 0.9 seconds, or approximately 1.1 shots per second, with 40 energy used per second and 17.5 damage per second (before armor and effect multipliers) assuming all 7 pieces strike. The pieces of shot deal 20 knockback (average knockback power) to enemies they hit.

The Doomcannon's alt ability is a special grenade launcher that consumes 40 energy per use to launch a "Doom Grenade". This ability differs from the standard grenade launcher possessed by some generated shotguns, assault rifles, or sniper rifles. It deals no damage directly, but it inflicts the doomed status to all enemies in the explosive area.

Both the primary shot and secondary ability inflict the doomed status effect on enemies. This status effect lasts for 7 seconds. Starting 0.1 seconds after being inflicted, if the victim takes 10 or more damage within 5 game ticks, a small explosion centered on the victim deals 130 defense-ignoring damage. Note that the 10 damage must be either from a single hit, or the cumulative effect of multiple smaller hits that were reported by the game within 5 ticks (1/12th of a second). For example, if the victim was hit by a Doom Grenade, and then hit by at least two of the seven pieces of Doom Shot fired in a subsequent shot (by a player wearing tier 5 or 6 armor), this would be sufficient to trigger the explosion.

Status Effects


  • At first glance, the Doomcannon may seem weak by the standards of tier 6 shotguns. It is only through exploitation of its doomed debuff that the weapon reveals its true strength.
  • The primary fire can both inflict the doomed status and trigger a previously applied doomed status effect's explosion. The first shot will damage the enemy normally and inflict the status, while a second shot will damage the enemy normally and (if at least two shot pieces strike) trigger the explosion and deactivate the status. Therefore, every other shot can trigger the 130-damage explosion, if aimed carefully from a relatively close range.
  • The secondary ability's grenade deals no damage, only inflicting the doomed status in an area of effect. It is therefore only useful to fire from the safety of cover, using the fact that grenade's trajectory is affected by gravity, for example, to "pre-debuff" enemies from the other side of a hill or wall. In a direct fight, the primary fire should be used whenever possible.
  • Some have advised switching between a Doomcannon and another high-powered weapon to trigger the doomed explosion. While this tactic can be useful at long ranges, it generally isn't necessary at short or medium ranges.


  • The Doomcannon's sprite is inspired by the BFG9000 from the original DOOM game, as it can be clearly seen on this picture.
  • The primary ability uses 40 energy per second, and the secondary ability uses 40 energy per shot. In Doom, the BFG9000 used 40 energy cells per shot.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem doomcannon
File Name doomcannon.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\ranged\unrand\doomcannon