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Multiplayer refers to playing together with other player controlled characters in game. This can be done either cooperatively or as player-vs-player combat.

The entire in-game universe and story is available in both single and multiplayer. Servers have the potential for an infinite number of players; the limitations are based on the server hardware and internet. The multiplayer is seamless, and LAN and Internet based play is more or less identical to playing solo.

Each instance of the game is housed on a server, which players must connect to in order to play together. The servers are not centralized or run by Chucklefish, meaning all servers will be player moderated public or private. The universe of play is the same one the host will play on in singleplayer, and all connected players retain their character inventories and ships.

There are several different ways to set up a multiplayer game; i.e servers, steam, etc. Look at the Setting Up Multiplayer Guide for more info.

Multiplayer Setup Guide

Cooperative Play

Players are not required to be in the same area on a server, many players can be exploring different points in the universe all at once. There are a variety of chat channels which include:

  • Universe Chat: Chat with all connected players. (Default)
  • Planet Chat: Chat with the other players on the same planet.
  • Party Chat: Chat with the other players you have invited to your party.

To invite someone to your party, click the empty picture below yours in the upper left, and type the character's name to send an invitation.

To relocate to an existing party member, use any teleporter (such as in your ship or the Outpost) to beam to the other player. This also works to join a party member in a mission instance.

Player vs Player (PvP)

Main article: PvP

PvP is combat with another player-controlled character. It can be toggled on or off by typing /pvp in chat. While PvP is enabled, you can damage any player who also has PvP enabled and is not in your party.


There are a number of moderator tools that server administrators have. There are built in anti-cheat functions, as well as chat channel control, muting, banning, group chat, server broadcast messages, user key and/or password authentication, banning by IP, and user-whitelists.


Tiy has stated he's interested in using the Steam API for server matchmaking.[1]