Asuterosaberu DX

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Asuterosaberu DX Icon.png
Asuterosaberu DX
Asuterosaberu DX.png
Damage Per Swing:36.2
Rate of Fire:1.1
Special:Astral Tear
Pixels-Sell.png 5250

Asuterosaberu DX is a Tier 6 unique broadsword. It has a very powerful primary attack, dealing up to 162 damage per swing with Ferozium armor designs (+360% damage increase).

Formerly, it had the highest base damage per swing of any unique broadsword excepting an Empowered Protector's Broadsword (that tier 7 broadsword deals 32 base damage per swing normally, but 41.6 base damage per swing while Empowered); however, post-Version 1.2.0 (which, among other things, added the Weapon Upgrade Anvil), this record now belongs to the upgraded Hokucide (which deals 38.5 base damage per swing).

The design was submitted by a Solarium-tier pre-order backer, who was granted the ability to design a weapon to be included in the game. The weapon can be found as a reward from procedurally generated Tier 6 quests and chests. It seems to be especially common in Avian Grounded Villages.

The weapon's long description reads as follows: "An inscription on the blade reads, "High-five for expressing yourself!""

When held, a cascade of sparkling particles falls from the blade. Its special ability - Astral Tear - slices reality with the blade to create a stationary tear in space; the strike itself is a standard attack, whilst the created tear repeatedly deals approximately a quarter of the blade's normal damage as long as the enemy stands in it.


The weapon would actually be called the Astro Saber DX (United States) or the Astro Sabre DX (United Kingdom).

The weapon's name is spelled as it would be if you rewrote "Astro Saber" directly into Japanese katakana:-


...and then converted the katakana spelling back to the Latin alphabet directly. Katakana is the alphabet used primarily to spell out foreign words in a way Japanese speakers can read and understand. Many English letters and phonics have no direct Japanese equivalent so the closest possible match for the sound is used instead, creating this effect.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem astrosabredeluxe
File Name astrosabredeluxe.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\melee\broadsword