Supernova Gauntlet

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Supernova Gauntlet Icon.png
Supernova Gauntlet
Fist Weapon
Supernova Gauntlet.png
Damage Per Swing:10.5
Rate of Fire:3.3
Pixels-Sell.png 3500

Supernova Gauntlet is a Tier 6 unique fist weapon. It will strike enemies at close combat and can be dual wielded.

The weapon's long description reads as follows: "Gauntlets imbued with the power of a supernova."

The Supernova Gauntlet's standard hits have a base power of 10.5 and a 0.3-second delay before another punch can be thrown.

If a Supernova Gauntlet is wielded with a second fist weapon, a three-step combo and the Supernova Rush finisher become available to use. To advance through the combo, each punch must be followed within 0.5 seconds by another punch with the same hand. Once the combo is completed, the last punch of the combo must be followed within 0.5 seconds by another punch with the same hand to perform the finisher associated with the opposite hand's fist weapon. Alternating hands (alternating left mouse and right mouse) will not cause a finisher to occur thus allowing a player to pummel enemies with regular attacks and execute a finisher when they wish.

The finisher, Supernova Rush, is a delayed, two handed charging punch that scatters colorful stars on impact (the move functions somewhat similarly to the Dash Slash finisher used by the Claw Glove). It has a base power of 35, and performing it incurs a 0.2-second delay before another punch can be thrown with either hand.

Unlike other Gauntlet upgrades, this is found ready-made in Tier 6 chests and Reward Bags.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem supernovaglove
File Name supernovaglove.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\fist
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