Time Pierce

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Time Pierce Icon.png
Time Pierce
Time Pierce.png
Damage Per Swing:23.9
Rate of Fire:1.2
Pixels-Sell.png 3750

Time Pierce is a powerful Tier 4 unique broadsword. It resembles a hand found on a large clock.

The design was submitted by a solarium tier pre-order backer, who was granted the perk of designing a weapon to be included in the game.

The weapon's long description reads as follows: "This blade can pierce through the fabric of time itself."

The primary attack is a standard Broadsword combo with a base DPS of 28.75. With a fire time of 0.83 seconds, this produces a 1x-damage hit power of 23.8625.

The secondary attack, Time Stop swings the sword in a 360 degree circle around the player, freezing any enemies struck in place for 2.5 seconds but dealing no damage. Enemies immune to special Status Effects will instead suffer from the attack's knockback power of 25 (somewhat strong knockback). When swung the secondary attack displays numerals, like those found on a clock. This alt ability consumes 120 energy and can be used once every 1.5 seconds.

When upgraded at a Weapon Upgrade Anvil to tier 6, the Time Pierce's broadsword combo DPS increases to 40.25, producing a new 1x-damage hit power of 33.4075. Additionally, the Time Pierce's appearance changes to the one shown below.

Time Pierce (Upgraded).png

Apart from the addition of a gold star to the name, no other changes occur as a result of the upgrade.


  • You can use the freeze on the majority of a group of enemies to lessen the trouble of fighting them all at once, as well as freezing all of them to give yourself time to heal.
  • When enemies are frozen, they are also immune to further damage until they're able to move again, somewhat hindering the weapon's usage for follow-up attacks.




File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem timepierce
File Name timepierce.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\melee\broadsword