Tesla's Wrath

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Tesla's Wrath Icon.png
Tesla's Wrath
Sniper Rifle
Tesla's Wrath.png
Damage Per Shot:30
Rate of Fire:0.7
Energy Per Shot:24
Special:Marked Shot
Base Max Damage: 21
Energy Per Shot: 42
Pixels-Sell.png 3750

Tesla's Wrath is a Tier 4 sniper rifle type Unique Weapon. The path the projectiles travel when fired is visible, to make the weapon feel like a railgun.

The design was submitted by a solarium tier pre-order backer, who was granted the ability to design a weapon to be included in the game.

The weapon's long description reads as follows: "Powerfully strong to cover long distances."

It ejects a large bolt of electricity when fired. The bolt deals electric damage, inflicting Electrified on its targets. Additionally, the bolt has a knockback power of 40 (very strong knockback).

Its secondary ability, Marked Shot, works just like the generic Sniper Rifle alt ability, possessing a tier-adjusted base power of 20.

When upgraded at a Weapon Upgrade Anvil to tier 6, the primary shot's damage increases to 42 and Marked Shot's tier-adjusted base power increases to 28. Additionally, the appearance of Tesla's Wrath changes to the one shown below.

Tesla's Wrath (Upgraded).png

Apart from the addition of a gold star to the name, no other changes occur as a result of the upgrade.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem electricrailgun
File Name electricrailgun.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\other\electricrailgun