Peace Credit

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Peace Credit
Peace Credit.png

A reward token used to reward members of the Terrene Peacekeepers.

Peace Credits are a special currency awarded from the Peacekeepers for turning in bounties. They are used to purchase unique Peacekeeper items from the Peacekeeper Stores in Peacekeeper stations.


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Ingredient for

Icon.png [[]] () 20
Glue Sprayer Icon.png Glue Sprayer 8
Mining Laser Icon.png Mining Laser 3
Neo Laser Mech Arm Icon.png Neo Laser Mech Arm 12
Peacekeeper Mech Body Icon.png Peacekeeper Mech Body 20
Mining Drone Icon.png Mining Drone 1
Lazercaster Icon.png Lazercaster 15
Neo Magnum Icon.png Neo Magnum 1
Neo Magnum-E78 Icon.png Neo Magnum-E78 2
Neo Magnum-RX Icon.png Neo Magnum-RX 4
Neo Magnum-ZZZ Icon.png Neo Magnum-ZZZ 6
Peacekeeper I Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper I Augment 5
Peacekeeper II Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper II Augment 10
Peacekeeper III Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper III Augment 15
Peacekeeper Shirt Icon.png Peacekeeper Shirt 5
Peacekeeper Hat Icon.png Peacekeeper Hat 5
Peacekeeper Trousers Icon.png Peacekeeper Trousers 5
Riot Shield Icon.png Riot Shield 4
Space Synth Icon.png Space Synth 5
Red Sports Car Controller Icon.png Red Sports Car Controller 15
Stun Grenade Icon.png Stun Grenade (3) 1