Peace Credit

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Peace Credit Icon.png
Peace Credit
Peace Credit.png

A reward token used to reward members of the Terrene Peacekeepers.

Peace Credit currency awarded from completing bounty hunting missions.

It can be used to purchase special goods from Peacekeeper Stores on Peacekeeper stations.

Ingredient for

Icon.png [[]] () 20
Glue Sprayer Icon.png Glue Sprayer 8
Mining Laser Icon.png Mining Laser 3
Neo Laser Mech Arm Icon.png Neo Laser Mech Arm 12
Peacekeeper Mech Body Icon.png Peacekeeper Mech Body 20
Mining Drone Icon.png Mining Drone 1
Lazercaster Icon.png Lazercaster 15
Neo Magnum Icon.png Neo Magnum 1
Neo Magnum-E78 Icon.png Neo Magnum-E78 2
Neo Magnum-RX Icon.png Neo Magnum-RX 4
Neo Magnum-ZZZ Icon.png Neo Magnum-ZZZ 6
Peacekeeper I Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper I Augment 5
Peacekeeper II Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper II Augment 10
Peacekeeper III Augment Icon.png Peacekeeper III Augment 15
Peacekeeper Shirt Icon.png Peacekeeper Shirt 5
Peacekeeper Hat Icon.png Peacekeeper Hat 5
Peacekeeper Trousers Icon.png Peacekeeper Trousers 5
Riot Shield Icon.png Riot Shield 4
Space Synth Icon.png Space Synth 5
Red Sports Car Controller Icon.png Red Sports Car Controller 15
Stun Grenade Icon.png Stun Grenade (3) 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem peacecredit
File Name peacecredit.item
File Path assets\items\generic\other