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Specialized magnetic bracers for throwing and catching specially designed orbs.

Magnorbs is a Tier 6 Unique Weapon. Mechanically it behaves like a boomerang. While held three small balls will circle around the player's hand, which is wearing a magnorb bracer. These balls can be fired in the direction of the cursor, returning to the player after being fired and re-entering orbit around the bracer. On hit, each magnorb deals 7.875 base damage and 5 knockback (extremely weak knockback). Once a magnorb hits something, it will immediately begin to return to the bracer; however, magnorbs do bounce off of terrain and pierce through enemies, so they can deal damage multiple times in a throw.

The primary ability does not have a maximum fire rate in the traditional sense - as long as there are magnorbs orbiting around one's bracer, one can throw them as fast as one can click.

The secondary ability for this weapon uses 80 energy per second to erect a shield in front of the player using all three orbs (this ability will not activate with less than 3 magnorbs in orbit around the magnorb bracer). This shield absorbs damage like any other shield, but it can only be maintained for a few seconds at a time unless the user is standing inside of an Energy Zone; additionally, the magnorb shield is incapable of perfect-blocking (absorbing hits without taking damage to its health). The upside is that the shield has 1000 health, the most health of any shield or shielding ability by a very large margin.


These orbs and their behavior strongly resemble orbs used by the villain Magneto in the film X-Men 2.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem magnorbs
File Name magnorbs.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\other\magnorbs